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Medical Office and Patient Surgery Center Solutions

Our Services

Wired and Wireless Networks 

Technology has made patient record management a little more efficient in some ways, and open to more privacy risks do to the fact that these records are now digital.  Through an in depth Cyber Security Risk review, PTC can make sure all the gaps in network are properly addressed which will not only secure your patient records but can also be a cost savings on future Cyber Liability Insurance. Call and ask us how we can help.

Anti-Virus and RansomWare protection

The Security of your Computer devices and Network are more important than ever in todays ever changing world. Viruses are written in a way where they can actually avoid detection and keep your system infected even if you run an Anti-Virus software on your machine.  PTC monitors your networks for suspicious behavior and uses software powered analytics to determine if there is a threat.  

We Integrate With Your Existing System

Some EHR software provide the ability to use Restful API connections to allow you to manage your patient records and/or share your records in a secure manner without compromising the integrity of your data security policy. Call PTC and find out how you can get the most use out of your EMR service.


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