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Business and Home Office Solutions

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Wired and Wireless Networks for homes and businesses

It is important in today's world to have a solid Internet connection for your business or for your connected life at home.  The Internet of Things like automated lights, voice activated speakers etc. has made our lives more convenient than ever. But these IoT devices need a solid connection to the internet to make it all work.  PTC will not only make sure your Home Office or place of Business has a network capable of handling all the latest new technologies, but we will also secure your digital space to provide some peace of mind knowing your Technology is not compromising your data in any way.

Anti-Virus and RansomWare protection

The Security of your Computer devices and Network are more important than ever in todays ever changing world. Viruses are written in a way where they can actually avoid detection and keep your system infected even if you run an Anti-Virus software on your machine.  PTC monitors your networks for suspicious behavior and uses software powered analytics to determine if there is a threat.  

We Integrate With Your Existing System

If you need a brand new Network planned out and setup or upgrade an existing Network Infrastructure. PTC can help.


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