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Managed Network Security Solutions 

Our Services

Cloud Backups and Recovery

Sometimes there are unavoidable issues that pop up. The best solution to any IT problem is having a proactive "backup" plan.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is more than just keeping PHI safe from unauthorized access. PTC will help you understand the full scope of being HIPAA Compliant and avoid potential fines when audited.


Today's business relies heavily on a robust Wi-Fi service to provide access to your network and the internet for your employees and customers. Unfortunately, just like all great new technologies comes a threat towards your network security.  WIPS is encrypted Wi-Fi for business that need to rely on the ease of use and scalability of Wi-Fi but have the highest level of cyber security.

Anti-Virus and MDR

Let us take the guess work out of cyber security. With an advanced AI anti-virus solution and monitoring service.

High Availability and Next Generation Firewalls

Sometimes having the right Firewall installed and configured the right way makes all the difference between a safe network and a compromised network.

We Integrate With Your Existing System

HIPPA and HITECH Laws make Healthcare Cyber security an unnecessarily complex issue. Phoenix Technology Consultants is dedicated to making your IT Network secure without sacrificing functionality and performance.


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